A video which has gone viral online captures the moment Nigeria Police where engaging a motorist on a highway pursuit in broad daylight.

The motorist driving a black Toyota was able to evade the police in a smart maneuver that left another motorist impressed.

Twitter user @mcphils_ shared the clip and wrote; ”This got to be the best real life GTA experience😂

A police car was in front of the Toyota which is alleged to have committed a traffic offence, and it tried to make the driver stop by blocking its path.

There was some zig zag driving by both cars before the driver smartly passed through a choked up space and diverted towards another direction before speeding off.

Watch the video below…

@blackandfly; Lmao that’s a good driver! Another person go done bash like 20 people just to get away

@Ato_Tabiri; Some country I know this can’t happen, the police will arrest you

@_dhave_; 😂 that guy is a smart driver

@drizil_oL; Lagos drivers are crazy good.

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