As a matter of fact, it has now been established that some girls are contacted and given N1.5million to sleep with some clients’ dogs while they record and watch. The report has monopolized social media and while weighing in on the issue, Kemi Olunloyo recalled what a ritualist told her during their interview in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan.

In her words shared on Twitter, the ladies involved are said to be sponsored by billionaires who would pay to see them sleep with canines. Also, the rich men engaged in the ‘ritual’ act to make money from it.

She claimed some ladies are believed to make as much as 2 million naira every night by sleeping with the rich men’s dogs. See her post below,

See reactions to her post:

Oviestotle Uman: There is no Ritual Money.Money is created by the Government and it belongs to the State.If there is ritual money, where do they get the serial number (currency number) printed on the money??Ritual does not bring money. Money belongs to the Govt.People doing ritual are evil and wicked people. It has nothing to do with money. Doing Evil or killing people has nothing to do with money.Only the government create money except counterfeits

Innocent Star: Na only you know Ritualist , na only you know all the Cultists in Nigeria schools, na you know thieves, the list can go on and on, mummy investigation journalist I think we need to investigate you, who knows you might be a solution to the Nigeria problem.

Eke Udo: If there’s rituals why not them go to centre bank end take all the money , since I left Nigeria I find out that Government suppose to be the answer for every citizens need must come from government not from God , our God is for long life, that we pray.

Vil Lage King: Normally that stuff na ritual on a norms who would want to waste 1.5m just To watch a dog making love to a gal and gain nothing in return? Gals think outside the 1.5m what’s the motive of such act? There’s more to it than just what u think

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