A Nigerian OAP has taken to Twitter to lament after she was reportedly dismissed from her job barely a month after resumption for having an “R factor”.

According to Zainab Fakunle, she has worked at three different stations before her new job, and it was never an issue. 

She Tweeted; 

”I’m in pain! After almost 30 days of Ramadan, I got the most devastating news of my life. I was laid off my radio job as an OAP, just because I have “R” factor! They laid me off barely a month after resumption! I’ve worked at 3 different stations before now and it was never an Issue.

This is devastating, but I know God will vindicate me. Painful part was that when this happened they said it was misconduct

This was tagged as “misconduct and non professionalism” they stained my brand.

Not religion………….Doesn’t know how to pronouce “r” properly

That was my fourth job for those that cares to know and it was never an issue.

This year would be my 10yrs on radio. You can ask Mr Gboyega Lawal who was the first person to interview me on radio back then 2012 before I ventured into it finally.”


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