A young Nigerian lady simply known as Tinuke has narrated how her relationship ended that made her tag it the ‘worst’.

According to her, the guy she dated was a nerd who broke up with her after seeing the way she danced at his parents wedding anniversary.

Tinuke said that she took off her heels at the party and started dancing leg work much to the disapproval of her man who subsequently ended their relationship.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote; ”My worst relationship was dating a nerd!

The relationship ended the day he saw me remove my heels and was dancing leg work at his parents anniversary.”

See the post and comments below…

@Alasdair_Asigo; My dear nor be nerd matter o, how you go dey dance legwork for my parents anniversary? You be thug?

@CyphersTemitope; Lmao! Twitter is different from real life sha.

Most of you guys will ignore your crazy jeans and Givenchy roundneck and go for a proper Buba and Shoro with confirm shoes and fila when meeting her parents, but y’all are here hailing her for removing her heels and dancing legwork?

@jabusky17; I’m not a nerd but make we reason am , wetin you do make sense ?

@Ojiamaka_; I see nothing wrong with what you did. Even though it’s funny, you were just being you. I love people like you, free and fun.

@olumiwhyte; Although I won’t agree that the act is gross enough for break up, but as a smart person u should be able to decipher the attitude for different environment, No be Nerd Matter. Bf’s parent Anniversary you dey do leg walk, I imagine the ones you do wa you no talk. Respect yourself

@DudeSiloam89; Diff strokes for diff folks. My folks would tell me “at least you’ve got something to spice up your boring life. Stay there and be smiling like your two year old nephew”. And my two “evil” siste

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