Kenyan sprinter Omanyala has ruled out any chances of ever meeting or hooking up with socialite Huddah Monroe after she made the suggestion.

Huddah Monroe who made the suggestion, had written; 

“Omanyala is not so bad looking, hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. Mpasho connect hiyo date.” 

However in an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Omanyala laughed off Huddah’s intent saying he is a loyal family man. Omanyala is married to Laventa Omanyala who is also the mother of his son.

He said; 

May the devil be defeated. Huddah will never get me, she can gain fame out of this though. I don’t want her since I’m already taken and I have already closed that chapter.

That is impossible after all my wife is prettier than her so why would I consider her?

“That will just land me in problems because that is how it starts and then it grows into something else. At the level I’m at, there are things you need to avoid.”

When Ankali asked why he is so opposed to the hookup, Omanyala said; 

“You know a girl who has laid out her intentions in that manner is very tricky.

“It is not only Huddah, I will run away from! If I see any woman coming at me with those similar intentions, I take off. I take off fast like Kipchoge, very fast.”

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