A man has shown the world that he is committed to his relationship by publicly declaring his love for his girlfriend non-verbally

The young man identified as @NeglectNaim on Twitter went on a social outing in Summer and wore a T-Shirt which had the inscription; ”I Love my girlfriend”.

Also, a heart shape image represented Love while a photo of his girlfriend was paint printed on the shirt.

He took to Twitter and shared photo of him wearing the shirt in public and stated with pride that he stepped out in that outfit.

@NeglectNaim simply captioned; ‘‘My summer outfit”

Read some comments below…

@AdrianEwingsii; She got him the Jordan’s he wanted but it came with 1 condition…

@JChowQuan; U can do this & more she still gonna ruin ur finances, health & sleep with ur best friends + family king (focus on urself)

@DJT_desk_; I would be like don’t worry that’s my dead girlfriend

@rawthagoat asked; Why you stand like that

@desireedlindsey replied; Because this was forced on him against his will.

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