A young woman has shared a video of how unpleasant her date with a guy she was meeting for the first time turned out.

According to lady known on Twitter @jaipurlan, she gave him money to buy fuel and even paid for her own meal, but the way he reacted left her seriously disappointed.

In the video, she questioned him for operating his phone after they were done eating, but he said that he thought she was about to start walking home.

She pointed out how it makes no sense that he will drive her out for lunch and expect her to walk back to her place.

The guy whose face did not show in the clip, said that since she refused to follow him to his house then there is no need for him to drive her home.

Sharing the video, @jaipurlan wrote; ”Paid for my own meal, slid him gas and this is how the date ended”

Watch the video below…

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