A Nigerian man, Tope Taofiq, has shared the beautiful story of how he met and formed a bond with his wife several years ago.

He recounted meeting Ronke during their NECO GCE examination in 2009 and it so happened that it was the 8th time he was sitting for the exam since graduating from secondary school.

According to the father of one, she saw him keeping to himself at the venue and approached him thinking he was shy whereas that wasn’t the case.

“She approached me because she felt I was alone and not talking to anyone not knowing I was feeling too big to mingle with them all,” he said.

Taofiq explained that when Ronke realised how smart he is, she decided to sit by his side while writing the papers.

When they were done, they kept in touch and they seemed to share a special connection due to the closeness of their birthdays. He was born May 11, while hers is May 12.

Several years later, 2019 to be be exact, they got married and their union has been blessed with a girl.

Taofiq also took to Twitter to celebrate the birth of their child on the 13th of May as well as their birthdays.

”My birthday was never special until I started dating my wife since 2009. She made me remember my birthday cos hers is a day after mine. We were specially united cos of the uniqueness of our birth dates. Happy birthday Chevy,” he tweeted.

The proud father added; ”Congratulations upon congratulations to me and my family. As I’ve said, my birthday is May 11 and my wife 12. Now my wife just gave birth to a baby girl on the 13th day of May. Isn’t this so lovely? Well, pray for the new baby girl when you see this, thanks”

See his post below…

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