A South African woman has lamented on social media while revealing the way her boyfriend reacted to a monetary request.

The young lady identified on Twitter as @mbali3fr, said she has been dating the guy for two months and she requested money from him for the first time on Wednesday, May 17.

According to the beautiful woman, after making the request, her boyfriend blocked her.

She tweeted; ”I’ve been dating this guy for 2 months & today I asked him money & he blocked me?”

Read some comments below..

@Katleho_N; As a woman, I genuinely don’t understand why women ask men for money.. I really don’t

@koketsoL2; Why did you wait for 2 months to show your true colours?

@i_amthe_girl; I also don’t understand this because a man must just know go jola ke zaka- I’m turned off if I’ve to remind him 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

@justNomz; Ask for money before you decide to date them then see, that’s how I filter these men out of my life. I ask for money they run, I avoided mgowo, I’m happy, the one that gives me money without excuse I date we happy.

@thapelo_mof; Lack of communication is gonna kill us. Why don’t people discuss such? Every man wants to spoil his girlfriend, gifts; hair, and if he doesnt, clearly there’s a problem.

Discuss it, before asking for money, check, it could be bad finances, or maybe he’s just not romantic, TALK!

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