Halima Yunusa filed a lawsuit against her father when he refused to consent to her marriage to Bashir Yusuf.

The case was heard in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, on Monday.

Yunusa, of Kasuwan Magani, Chikun Local Government Area, said in court that she loved Yusuf but that her parents would not let them marry.

Yunusa’s father who is a businessman, Ibrahim, admitted to the court that he was aware of their “deep love.”

He claimed that the young man had not completed all of the necessary marital formalities, therefore he refused to give him his daughter’s hand.

 “He came to me and expressed his desire to marry my daughter. I told him to come back with his parents and family members.

“He is yet to return. After about a year.

“He came back after a year and took my daughter and ran away with her for three days.

“We later heard they came back and went to my sister’s house.

“We informed the Police and both of were arrested and disciplined,” Ibrahim told the court, as quoted by NAN.

The businessman continued that after the release of the two love birds from police custody, they ran away again to spend two weeks in Abuja.

“But when I finally met with the boy’s father and had several discussions, he (boy’s father), said he would not allow his son to marry my daughter.

“At last, the boyfriend’s father later took us to the district head of our village where agreement were drafted and signed by all of us and our witnesses to caution my daughter to stay away from his son,” Ibrahim recounted.

After hearing both sides, Judge Murtala Nasir concluded that Yusuf’s father should be instructed to allow his son, Yusuf, to marry Yunusa, whose father is not opposed to the marriage in principle.

The judge warned, “If he refuses, we will get them married in the court even without his blessings,” and then adjourned the case until May 23, when Yusuf’s father is expected to appear before the court for final judgment.

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