May 27, 2022

Lady accepts to sleep with her friend’s boyfriend for N50k, left embarrassed after finding out it’s a prank (video)

A Nigerian lady has been left embarrassed after agreeing to sleep with her friend’s boyfriend for N50,000 without knowing that it was all a prank.

It all started after comedian, Rosemary Isong decided to test her girlfriend’s loyalty.

So she planned with her boyfriend to woo her friend and see if she will fall for his advances.

So when the lady’s friend entered the bathroom, Isong acted like she has left the house.

Then, the man approached the bathroom to woo the lady.

He first started by saying he’s will to pay N20k to sleep with her.

She refused until he increased the money to N50k and she accepted.

When she opened the door to allow the man enter the bathroom, she was shocked to find out it was a prank.

Watch the video below…

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