Music is in its most powerful form when it comes from a REAL experience/place and that’s what makes TVKU’s (@tvkuthesag) story something you need to read to believe. In a recent interview, this was direct from the horses mouth:

Interviewer: “I heard your girlfriend cheated on you in the most horrific way. But what’s even crazier is how you FOUND OUT? Tell me how this all relates to your music”

TVKU:  “ I always thought i didn’t care/it didn’t bother me when it came to romance, because truthfully I never gave my heart away to anyone fully. But growing older i realized that wasn’t the case. For some funny reason, i was ’empty’. a hollow hearted person, i felt nothing. 

Relationships could never ‘fill me up’ so I ran to music to fill up the emptiness. 

As time went on and i grew older, i finally found a woman i fell in love with. And boy, did i fall HARD! i thought ‘man, i’ve never felt like this before!’.

One Thursday night, i got a call from her. The time on my phone said 10.22pm, so it was weird because she was usually asleep at this time.I pressed the ‘answer’ button on my phone, and I quickly realized it was an accidental ‘butt dial’(when you call someone by accident).

On the other side, i heard the unimaginable. She was making heavy moaning sounds and the only thing that could be the cause of this was clear. She was getting down and dirty with some other guy, and i listened right there. She then quickly realized and hung up.

My heart went hollow again.. actually no.. even worse. it went pitch black. Since this happened, i happened to emotionally hurt most women who came into my life because I just didn’t invest in them emotionally like they did in me. Was it fear? Disgust to all women? A deep sense of distrust?

To be honest, I still don’t know the answer. I’m not perfect and I’m still trying to change. Its a roller coaster of emotions you will guaranteed relate to through my work. My name is Tvku. Let’s TURN UP, laugh together, cry together and grow together. Follow me , my music bleeds my heart out. Anyone whose been hurt is gonna get cut deep listening to my work. You’re gonna feel understood”

I think someone out there most definitely will connect to his pain. I love hearing music that comes form deep and rich experiences. It moves you. Ive heard his work and you most definitely will be moved. His instagram is , follow him and keep up with his adventure in love, sex, romance and craziness through his music. I will say tho he’s very introverted, so what ever little he posts appreciate it haha!

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