Nigerian lawyer and activist, Modupe Odele also known as Moe says that she has a price and can agree to be a housewife on one condition.

The lady who is famous for rendering legal services for EndSARS campaigners, stated that if her husband can be paying her $77k (N32 million) per month, then she would quit her job and become a fulltime housewife.

According to Moe, she would do domestic chores like cleaning and washing plates if she can find a man willing to pay her such amount.

She wrote; ”I actually have a price to become a housewife. Pay me $77k a month and I’ll wash plate. 

‘I’ll just start tweeting “a virtuous woman keeps her home by being a woman of virtue”.”

Read some comments below..

@hackSultan; For half this price, I’ll be a full house husband and throw in laundry into the deal too.

@UnitedHeroo; Lool when I say feminism is not even real to some of you, this is what I mean

@ThinkingFather; That’s pretty cheap for your standard, thought you’re worth more

@Mene_Adaobi; Can You Pay Your Husband That Amount of Money Monthly IF He decides to be a House Husband ?

@Sizar4dow; Go to Asian countries, you’ll get the job and you don’t even need to be a house wife. And I hear the pay is good too. But don’t make women feel less of themselves for being house wives, whether they are paid or not. You can be paid to be a house wife and still be terrible at it.

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