A Nigerian man has taken to social media to celebrate after boarding an airplane for the first time in his life.

Chukwuma Ezeh started dreaming about the day he will enter an aircraft, nine years ago when he was still working as an apprentice.

According t the young man, he stayed with his boss whose house was close to Asaba airport, and often times he watched planes arriving.

Several years later, Chukwuma’s dream has turned to reality and he made sure to capture the memorable moment.

Sharing photos and video, he wrote;

”First flight.

9 years ago, I had just moved into my master’s house which was close to Asaba airport.

I would wash my oga’s clothes at the back of the house & watch planes fly past as they descend towards the airport.

“One day” I kept muttering to myself.

That day was today.

To a regular person, this is quite normal. But to me & millions of people born and raised in the trenches, this is something.

And it alters ones mindset for good.

Last time I came home I spent all day on the road. Arrived 9pm.

Today, I traveled from Lagos to Asaba in 50 mins.

Crossed paths with some recognizable faces @prophet_odumeje and Onitsha based comedian Ogbuefi I go Tuk.

Forgive my excitement, this is the first time this is happening for me and people in my immediate family. I believe a jinx of somewhat has been broken today.

Henceforth me and my people will be flying like it’s nothing. Amen.

Anyways! Anambra ndi Nwem, your son is home!!”

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