A young lady has shared an inspiring transformation she underwent after choosing to stop bleaching her skin.

People not being comfortable in their skin colour is one of the major reasons many choose to bleach and become lighter because they believe it will gain them acceptance.

However, the story shared by a lady on Facebook showed how she returned to her original ebony skin tone years after she quit bleaching.

She shared before vs after photos of herself to celebrate the return to her former self, just as she disclosed that the journey started in 2020 and noted that it is never too late to do the right thing.

Her story led many to state that nothing beats being natural and appreciating ones skin.

In reaction, beverly_osu said; Welcome back 👏

ablackdiamondgem; Wow your natural skin tone is gorgeous.. happy for you gurllll #blackisbeautiful

becky_gyado; Me too! Can’t believe I ever used to bleach🤣So Inlove with my dark skin

teyah30; Wow look at how beautiful she is as a dark skin woman! Glad she learned to love herself!!

zethu__dumakude; So does it really come back?

queenqueenie2; So happy for her! 🙌🏿 Once you stop listening to society, you will see how much peace it brings you!

titoriousking; She looks a lot more beautiful with her darker skin ❤️

bigjye7; I thought the process was irreversible??

missking934; You thousands time more beautiful with your natural skin sis.

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