A Nigerian lady has explained why she won’t be attending wedding of her friend who insisted she buys aso-ebi. 

@g_bemmie who revealed that she has been looking forward to her friend’s wedding, said she can’t afford the aso-ebi because she has other budgeted commitments. 

The Twitter user further revealed that the bride and her event planner are insisting that “no aso-ebi, no entry”. 

She tweeted;

I was really looking forward to attending my friend’s wedding but we move. No aso ebi, no entry. I can’t afford the aso ebi cos I have other budgeted commitments. She said I can’t attend if I don’t buy. Says event planner is in charge.

Well from our chat I guess she has an image of what she wants. I wish I could buy it but it’s out of my budget for now.

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