Big Brother Naija star, Cross Okonkwo on Wednesday, revealed that he had a chat with Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar.

He took to his Twitter account and shared a screenshot of him FaceTiming Atiku as he noted that he is funny.

Cross also asked a question on who Nigerians think the PDP candidate will pick as his running mate.

He tweeted; ”Had a quick chat with my dad @atiku his so funny guys. Who do you think his Vp will be 🤔🤔 just thinking 💭 out loud”.

However, he received a lot of criticism online and among those who reacted are his colleagues, Pere and Angel.

According to Pere, his friend, Cross is free to support whoever he wants like every Nigerian.

He said: “Cross is free just like every Nigerian citizen to support whoever he feels. Everyone should have a choice and support whoever they want. Period. No apologies.”

On the other hand, Angel said it was wrong for anyone to accept money from politicians at a time like this to sway public opinion.

She said: “If you’re taking money from Nigerian politicians during this period to sway the public, be very ashamed of yourself. This is a very critical time for Nigeria, one wrong move and we’re finished. Choose your morals over greed.

The economy is in the trenches, please let’s wake up, we can’t afford to make a wrong choice, we will suffer gravely.”

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