A young lady has narrated on social media what she did when her man asked her for money.

The beautiful woman with Twitter handle @TherealJDiorr said that her man asked for $20 (N8,300) but she declined giving him, and instead sent a job application portal to him.

She then quoted the saying that one should teach a man how to fish and not keep giving him fish.

Taking to her Twitter account, the lady wrote; ”My man asked me for $20, I sent him a job application instead. If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, if you teach him to fish, he’ll eat for life. He don’t deserve me”

She, however, did not get the response she probably expected from netizens as people flooded her comment section to lambast her.

@AjSwagler; just say you don’t got 20$ lol y’all be doing the most this on this appnull

@cocropoker; You can’t give your man $20

@BillyXDaXGoat; You knew bruh was broke at the start. U better give that man some fish

@poeticgenius19; No grown man should be asking they girl for $20. He needs to get a better job or another job lol

@danny_manny23; Lol damn he can’t have $20, I can see if it was $100 or something lol but $20 ain’t gonna make a difference I don’t think

@StoniiiMusiiic; Why y’all assume the man doesn’t work Lmao. Y’all act like y’all never needed to hold 5, 10, a dub! It’s principle. If one don’t got it, the other should. Partnership.

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