A Kenyan man has taken social media to lament over the bride price list given to him by his fiancée’s family.

Kevin Teya shared a photo of the list on Twitter and likened the exorbitant list to being robbed without any iota of violence.

The list was divided into two, one half was to be provided in cash by the suitor while the other half would be goods physically given to the family.

Some of the items the young man was supposed to give in cash equivalent are two rams at Ksh20k, one bull at KSh50,000.

While the goods and items to be provided in 5 crates of soda, water tank (5,000 litres), 50kg bag of rice packaged in 1kg bags.

Sharing the list, Kevin wrote; ”Hii ni robbery without violence Bana (This is robbery without a pinch of violence)”null

See the list below:

Twitter users shared personal experiences and other recommendations.

@jmurikira2; We once went to pay dowry for a lady; my cousin was marrying her. but we’re already fined on sitting down ati we were late. then at paying dowry, her mum had her own list. Culturally never happens .

@stevenrono; People should learn to rise up and walk out….or you tell the daughter to notify her people that its not a business deal

@KimAllhaji; This is just a formality and you are not supposed to pay as the list states.

@GithinjiMwai; One isn’t expected to ‘pay’ hence need to have wazees who negotiate for you. Also, dowry isn’t meant to be paid in full, if you do so , you might be chased away or they won’t accept.

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