A bloody shootout in Mexico between a criminal cartel and police took a surprising turn when authorities found a pet monkey dressed in a tiny bulletproof vest,  camouflaged jacket and miniature nappy beside its killed owner.

The monkey was found sprawled across the bullet-ridden body of a man in his 20s, along with ten others thought to be members of La Familia Michoacana cartel.

The firefight took place between the cartel group and heavily-armed police from the Attorney General’s Office and troops from the National Guard in the town of Texcaltitlan, central Mexico, just over 60 miles southwest of the capital, Mexico City on June 14.

Stunned police came across the mascot primate with its arms outstretched as if its owner had been carrying it by the shoulders when they were killed.

Inexplicably, the dead gunman owner had a plastic bucket on his head. He was thought to be part of the regional leader of La Familia Michoacana’s security team – known was ‘El Gorilla’ – who escaped the confrontation.

Eleven died at the scene – 12 if the monkey is included while ten more were detained, with five of those detained being men and three women and one minor.

Police say they confiscated a huge arsenal of weapons including 20 assault rifles, handguns and ammunition.

The fascination with exotic and dangerous animals among Mexican gangsters is inspired by the infamous Pablo Escobar when there was a symbol of status and power among drug lords.

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