A new report making rounds on the internet says a woman who had been declared dead suddenly came back to life just when she was being prepared for the mortuary.

The rare spectacle was recorded inside a mortuary in UNIBEN, Benin, Edo State few minutes before the Anatomy students were about to work on the deceased. The report says the corpse started moving and sprang back to life to the utter shock to everyone.

This caused all present to run in different directions but when they gained their composure, they returned to help the woman back on her feet and take her to a waiting car.

A social media user identified as Okpere shared the video wrote;

A woman was brought in dead by her family members to the mortuary in UNIBEN they finalized all the documentation and left.

As the Anatomy students was about to start work on the woman she stood up and everybody took off.

The woman has a second shot at life…

Watch the video below:

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