A lady has penned some words to her fellow women about submission and the scenario where it is acceptable.

According to her, women should only submit to a real man who takes care of the in every way, including emotionally, mentally and physically.

The lady identified as Ms. Lyons said if that a woman realises that the man in their life is making creating more stress for them, then they should dump him and find a better partner.

She wrote; ”You ONLY submit to a real man. One that HELPS takes care of U…emotionally, mentally, physically. If they are making your more stress dispose of them find another!”

See her post below:

Netizens stormed her comment section to share their thoughts.

@Nepa_2; Not submitting to any man. Good luck though

@DenzelPipes; I love how woman love to tell men what a “ real man “ is, and or how to be a “ real man “ …

@KiraJicole; Women that had the chance to experience this type of man know what you saying sis

@franthethought; Patriarchy created the idea of “real man” and this whole “submission” thing.” black people n women submitting. Its on purpose. Submission is a trap n we can literally see that playing out for thousands of years. Men forced us to submit for protection…from them. Lol

@Elevated_Von; Black woman are the least submissive and it’s been that way for atleast 3 decades. How well is that working out? Highest single mother rate, highest in women’s education but lowest in marriage rates. Highest in women being the head of households subsequently more emotional men.

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